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Welcome To Vinylville !!

Dealer, no... Collector, yes! Of what? Records mostly... CDs, tapes and other music related materials as well. Nostalgic Rock, which for me is the Seventies, is my primary genre of expertise. I collect nearly all styles of music. I buy, trade and sell... whatever it takes to improve my collection and satisfy my eclectic taste. Although I don't claim to be the "All Being, Master of Time, Space and Dimension", I have been collecting for over three decades and am happy to help others with their music quests or questions.

Discussion and Marketplace Newsgroups for music collectors.

Dealers and Collectors
Reputable dealers and knowledgeable collectors to help with your quests and questions.

Resources and Supplies
Great sources of information and supplies for collectors.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Terms, abbreviations, grading, buying, selling, trading and general questions.

Cleaning, Storage and Restoration
Recommended care for music collections.

Software for cataloging and organizing your collection.

Favorite Artists
Opinions of and links to a few of my favorite artists.

Want List
A list of records I'm wanting to add to my collection.

The Viking Kittens
A long lost classic... The Viking Kittens are back!

The Austin Record Convention

The Record Collectors Guild
The Record Collectors Guild... an organization of vinyl record collectors.

The Record Collectors Webring
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